Permanent Makeup

What is permanent makeup?
Every woman wants to wake up looking beautiful. With Indulgences Permanent Makeup you can create your own natural beauty with eyebrow contouring. It solves the problem of thin, colorless, or sparse brows. Excellent for alopecia or chemotherapy people. Eyeliner makes your eyes more beautiful by giving the look of larger eyes and thicker lashes. Lip liner adds definition to thin or uneven lips. Imagine the freedom and money saved by not having to put on your makeup every day!

Indulgences Permanent Makeup is state of the art. The colour and equipment is of the highest standard to enhance your natural beauty and camouflage minor imperfections. With 8 years of professional modelling experience, a degree in sciences, and over 20 years of experience my goal is to help you create a personal look that you can call your own. I think you are in the best of hands.

The eyebrows have a job. It is to frame your eyes much link your hair frames your face. The shape of your brows can literally take years off your face, sort of like an instant face lift. If you suffer from short, uneven, or sparse brows from tweezing, then Indulgences Permanent Makeup is your answer. With the help of our expert, a personal colour will be chosen just for you. In as little as one hour you could step out the door and put your best face forward.

If you suffer from small or tired eyes, have trouble seeing, or have little to no lashes, then Indulgences Permanent Makeup is your dream come true. Our expert can can enhance your eyes to improve their appeal, from a fine natural line, to a more dramatic look. After daily activities like swimming or exercising your eyeliner will still be smudge-proof! You can choose from a wide assortment of colours that will help give you fabulous looking eyes... better than you ever thought possible!

Lip Liner
Lining your lips with liner can give you the definition you've always dreamed of. The choice of colour is limitless, ranging from natural lip tones to the most fashionable shades that will complement your skintone. Our speciality is creating the most wonderful, natural looking permanent lip colour. The problem of poorly defined lips with no definition or loss of shape will be gone in no time. Let Indulgences Permanent Makeup give you the most beautiful lips, whatever the situation.

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